Sydney, Australia

My husband told me about EPI-NO. He had heard about it from his father who is a retired doctor and who thought it sounded like a good idea. No-one I knew had used it, but I was game as I am physically very active and had a dread of stitches and being in any way incapacitated after the birth of my baby. I had heard the usual horror stories from my friends about tearing and stitches.

I started out on my own at Week 37 and found the exercises easy to perform, although I had to hold the balloon in as it tended to pop out, but I was able to stretch my perineum to 9.5 cm. over the 3 week period. I was able to feel the stretch and I found EPI-NO easier than perineal massage which was too difficult around my bump. EPI-NO gave me confidence that I would not tear, and I didn’t. Bonnie was my first baby and she was born in January 2003 without a protracted labour and weighed 3.2kg and I recovered from the birth quickly with no stitches! I recommended EPI-NO to a friend and she had the same positive experience.

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