Hong Kong

I wanted to write in praise of EPI-NO. I delivered a healthy full-term baby three days ago and my second stage lasted less than a minute with no tearing! This was my second birth and I had an episiotomy last time (and wasn't very happy about that fact). I was walking around with no discomfort 2hrs after the birth, I went home the day after the birth and already felt more agile that day than I did 6 weeks after the delivery last time (due to the lack of stitches).

Having stretched the perineum up to nearly 10cm with the EPI-NO beforehand, this also gave me a great deal of confidence for an easy delivery, which reduced anxiety about the birth. It was my doctor in Hong Kong who recommended it to me, because I asked if he could recommend any way to prevent an episiotomy. Please feel free to quote me in any promotional materials or whatever! Thanks again.

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