kGoal Getting Started

Smart phone compatibility and app trouble-shooting: kGoal is compatible with both iOS and Android devices but does require Bluetooth 4.0 (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy) capability and iOS v8 or Android v4.3 or newer as the operating system. If there is a Bluetooth connectivity issue, please try closing the app and restarting it (make sure to actively close it instead of just pressing the Home button or returning to the phone desktop - this is actually great practice in general because the Bluetooth connection sometimes has trouble if the app is left running in the background between workouts).

How to use the app.

Follow these instructions along with the photos and videos on this page to become acquainted with kGoal. The instruction booklet included with each kGoal product also contains additional information that you may find useful. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions (

  1. Hold kGoal in your hand and compress the Squeeze Pillow
  2. With your hand squeezing the Squeeze Pillow, press the Comfort Vent with your finger tip to let air out of the Squeeze Pillow (it should appear deflated).
  3. Apply lubricant to kGoal, relax your pelvic floor muscles, and insert kGoal’s Squeeze Pillow into your body, with the Control Arm facing forward. Lubricant is recommended for every use.
  4. With your pelvic floor muscles relaxed, press the Comfort Vent with the tip of your finger to reset the air pressure inside the Squeeze Pillow. kGoal is now customised to fit your body!
  5. Turn on kGoal by holding the Button until the Status Light glows. Press the button again at any time to reset the vibration feedback setting.
  6. [if using the smartphone app] Open the kGoal app if it is installed on your phone or tablet and follow the in-app instructions.
  7. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles to interact with kGoal and receive feedback as you exercise. When exercising, squeeze in the back as though preventing yourself from passing gas and in the front as though stopping the flow of urine at the same time. Lift up as you squeeze and do not hold your breath.
We recommend using lubricant when using kGoal. If you experience pain while using kGoal, we recommend that you stop using kGoal and consult with a medical professional.

how to customise the size and fit:

kGoal is customisable to fit your body and you can adjust the size before or after insertion. To adjust the size of the Squeeze Pillow, press the Comfort Vent with your fingertip (being careful not to fully cover the Comfort Vent as you do), and compress the Squeeze Pillow while still pressing the Comfort Vent. Release the Comfort Vent when you have achieved the desired Squeeze Pillow size. 

To restore kGoal to maximum inflation, press the Comfort Vent without compressing the Squeeze Pillow and it will re-inflate automatically.


how to turn kgoal on and off:

To turn kGoal on, press and hold the on/off button for 1 second. The Status Light will illuminate to indicate that kGoal is on. To turn kGoal off press and hold the same button for 3 seconds and the Status Light will turn off.


how to recharge:

kGoal is USB rechargeable. Plug the USB end of the charging cable that comes with kGoal into any USB port (computer or wall adapter) and plug the barrel connector into the center of the Status Light (using the circle on the Status Light as a guide). Make sure that the connector is plugged all the way in (press firmly). When kGoal is properly connected, the Status Light will pulse green. When kGoal is fully charged, the Status Light will stop pulsing and will remain continuously green.


how to clean:

kGoal is made of medical grade silicone and is splash resistant. For easy cleaning, we recommend wiping down with soap and water. It's OK to rinse kGoal under a faucet but minimise water contact with the Status Light and don't open the Comfort Vent while water is present. Please note that kGoal is not submersible and should not be placed underwater at any time.

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