About kGoal

Developed in Silicon Valley, California, kGoal is a new and revolutionary interactive training system (device+app) designed to motivate and guide women as they measure and track their pelvic floor muscle exercises. Its squeezable air pillow leverages 360 degree sensing technology that triggers real-time biofeedback to help users feel and see their progress. It's like having a gym, physical therapist, and tracking system in the palm of your hand.

Key device features:

  • Biofeedback kGoal offers unique 360 degree sensing technology providing tactile biofeedback 
  • Performance tracking kGoal measures and tracks muscle strength, endurance, and encourages compliance as users view their progress over time 
  • Customized workout routines created by our team of experts, enabling user specific exercises 
  • Comfort kGoal's squeezable and adjustable pillow allows users to tailor fit to their anatomy 
  • kGoal is made with 100% body safe materials including Class VI medical grade silicone 

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