Childbirth and Pelvic Floor Training Products

German innovation is making childbirth easier in New Zealand. The EPI-NO Childbirth Trainer reduces the risks of tearing and episiotomy (stitches) during natural childbirth. Used early in pregnancy to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, EPI-NO exercises then change at 37 Weeks to prepare the perineum. A Melbourne, Australia Study concluded "EPI-NO is beneficial in decreasing damage to the perineum during normal vaginal birth" (Prof. G.Kovacs, Monash Medical). More about EPI-NO

Women who need to strengthen their pelvic floor can can choose from the traditional perinometer type EPI-NO Libra Pelvic Floor Trainer, or the kGoal Interactive Pelvic Floor training system (device + free smart phone or tablet app). kGoal has been developed in Silicon Valley, California and is designed to be adjustable and fit a wide range of body forms. kGoal's unique 360 degree sensing technology, with tactile biofeedback, provides a visual training programme with results appearing on your smart device. kGoal is compatible with both iOS and Android devices but requires Bluetooth 4.0 capability (and for Android devices, v4.3 or newer as the operating system).


  • I first heard about the EPI-NO training device during antenatal classes from several instructors, all recommending the use of the EPI-NO training device, saying how the mother had an easier birth, shortened 2nd stage of labor and how less likely they were to have a tear or episiotomy.

    Auckland, New Zealand 
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  • The EPI-NO itself was generally easy to use after a few sessions. Inserting the EPI-NO and inflating it helped me to feel that my body would be able to do its job during the birthing process. I felt I had made a good decision to use EPI-NO and was thrilled not to need stitches

    Sydney, Australia 
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  • I successfully delivered my first child with no stitches or tears, after training with EPI-NO. During my second pregnancy I was advised by my doctor that I'd need a Caesarean as my baby was in the breech position. I began training with EPI-NO anyway, to keep up the strength in my pelvic floor. Days before scheduled Caesarean my baby turned, which meant I could have a natural delivery after all.

    Bowral, Australia 
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  • Thanks to EPI-NO, our daughter was delivered within only 2 pushes inside the delivery room. Sarah, our daughter, was very healthy and active right after birth. I had no cut, no tear and no need for any stitches whatsoever.

    Guangzhou, China 
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  • I wanted to write in praise of EPI-NO. I delivered a healthy full-term baby three days ago and my second stage lasted less than a minute with no tearing! This was my second birth and I had an episiotomy last time (and wasn't very happy about that fact).

    Hong Kong 
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  • With following the instructions of EPI-NO to the letter, plus asking the midwife to support the perineum with hot washer and compression during delivery, I was able to produce a 4.1kg boy with no need for episiotomy or stitches. I was ecstatic and the midwives at Calvery hospital in Canberra were impressed.

    Canberra, Australia 
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  • I was able to stretch my perineum to 9.5cm over the 3 week period. I found EPI-NO easier than perineal massage which was too difficult around my bump. EPI-NO gave me confidence that I would not tear, and I didn’t

    Sydney, Australia 
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  • I have recommended EPI-NO childbirth preparation to over 1000 expectant women in my practice and believe this product offers women the best preparation for, and increased confidence in a natural vaginal birth.
    In my experience women training with EPI-NO have a better perineal outcome and are less likely to suffer from the complications associated with perineal injuries following the birth.
    I am a strong advocate of natural childbirth and believe this product bridges the confidence gap between a vaginal birth and the elective Caesarean.

    Melbourne Australia 
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  • Looking back, I am so glad I did all the preparation that I did. In fact I have no idea how anyone gets through birth without it! I would certainly recommend EPI-NO to other women

    Tania (Dr)
    Sydney, Australia 
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